Path cards

The path cards are the cards that let the paws of the rockers advancing through the crowd, they are those seven type. In order to advance from one card to another, the cards must be close together and there must be a way open from the first to the second. The figure below shows an example of three paths.

Put the cards in horizontal way one after one and make the pawns advance towards the stage. At the end of any action of any rockers all the path cards that don’t have any pawns over them are discarded (rotate them backside). If any rocker want to pass again on that position, he has to play another path card. Play a path card count an action.
You can play a path card over another path card to modify the direction in which the pawn could go. You could do this by yourself because you have to go around a wall card, you could do this to another rocker to send him in the wrong direction. The crowd drawn on the cards could look forward or backward, it doesn’t matter but the card must be played horizontally.
More than one rocker could stay on the same path card, in his turn one rocker could move on every paths card close to him on which there is another rocker, and this doesn’t count like an action.
You can play path cards outside the border of the concert but you can’t play cards behind the stage line (behind the barriers).

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