Stage cards

The stage cards, that are identified by the musical note sign, they are drawn out when one rocker plays a flash card named Ready to Rock.

Ballad: all Mosh Pit cards in play are discarded.

Circle Pit: all rockers change the cards in their hands anti-clockwise.

Fire Explosion: all path cards must be rotated of 180 degrees

Shitty Weather: every rockers chooses and discards one card from his hands .

Special Guest: tutti i rockers pescano una carta.

Wall of Death: the effects of this card are divided in two phases. The first is the division phase, the second is the approach phase. The cards involved are all the path end wall cards, the ticket cards aren’t affected by Wall of Death. The pawns oh the rocker follow the movement of the card over which they are. If they were on a Ticket card they don’t move.
1. The division phase: this phase starts immediately. All cards on the right move one position to the right, the cads on the left to the left. The movement is horizontal. The cards which are in the central column could move left or right (who play that card could decide if left or right). The ticket cards are not affected and if a card should go over one of them, it is discarded. The game continues normally.
2. The approach phase: when a rocker plays a new ready to rock card, before everything, the wall of death starts. All the cards move one position toward the central column. The rockers who are closer to the central column are crushed and miss the next two action. If in the central column some cards overlap each other, the path card win over wall cards. If the overlapping involves cards of the same type, the one which was played last, wins. The ticket cards are not involved in this movement, if one rocker is over one of them, he just doesn’t move.

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