Ready to Rock! Ready to Rock! Run, mosh, crowd-surf over obstacles! Who will be the first to get to the stage? If you've ever been to a rock concert, you'll know exactly what it means to make it through the crowd to the front row! Relive the excitement of the best gigs as you aim to get to your favorite band. Will you be the first to reach the stage?
Ready to Rock! is the first party game turned up to eleven dedicated to all rock fans. Each rocker plays their cards as they enter the arena and muscle their way through the crowd. And, just like all of the best concerts throughout the history of music, there's no shortage of mosh pits and headbangers to block your path... but a few beers and a bit of bravery will be enough to help you body surf over the wall of fans. Be careful not to get pushed back! Fast-moving and full of surprises: avoid the queue at the ticket booth and enjoy the show with Ready to Rock!

Age: 14 - till you can rock
Time: 20-40 minutes
Players: from 3 to 9

In this video the author explains how it works.

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