Review of the game

Publisher: Tommaso Bonetti
Official site:
Author: Tommaso Bonetti
Designer: Dario Quadri
Translators: Aureliè Andrè, Verena Richter, Tommaso Bonetti
Language: French, German, Italian, English.
Kind of Game: Card Games
No. of Player: 3 – 9
Time: 20-40 minutes
Difficulty: Simple (for everybody)
Enviroment: Rock Concert

Ready to Rock! is the first party game set in a concert.

The goal of the game is to be the first rocker who reaches the stage.

The setting immediately impressed in Ready to Rock! Since everyone has been to a concert once in life, it easy to identify oneself with the hardcore rockers who will go to any length to get as close as possible to the rock stars playing on the stage. To maximize the reality sensation, pictures taken in real concerts are used on the cards and guitar picks are obviously used as pawns!

Game dynamic
Although Ready to Rock! is a pure card game, it also reveals some typical mechanism of placement games. In fact, as rockers play their “route maps” cards, the public get created. These cards represent the audience and allow rockers to move towards different directions so that in each match rockers will get to the front row through different paths.

Moreover to advance in every gig, rockers must obstruct other players’ progress. To reach this goal, one can push other players back using a special card or block their way with a “wall card”. However which are these obstacles? Obviously the Mosh Pit, the Hell’s Angels and the Headbangers! A rocker once blocked should not despair, in fact, one can always change the direction of the crowd to open up new path to move towards other directions. In addition, Body Surfing might help passing the obstacle and running towards the stage!

But how does exactly work
Each Rocker draws four cards at the beginning of the game and ha can draw one more in every turn. During his turn one can play at most two cards (no matter from which type). Cards are divided in three types: “route cards” and “walls” – already being explained – and “instant card”. The latter are bonuses one can use for itself (for instance if you get “beer” then you can draw two cards out or with “flashing Tits” a player can use three cards in a turn). There are also cards to be used against one specific player, such as “ear plug”, which impose to skip a turn, and “smashed beer”, which force to discard two cards. There are also Ready to Rock! card, special cards which randomly activates one of the “stage card” generating unforeseen effect affecting all the rockers. For example, if you enable “special guest” every rocker must draw out one card, while if you found shitty weather” every player discard one card, and “fire explosion” get things muddle in the concert, by rotating of 180 degrees all the path cards.

Ready to Rock! is a game with a unique real setting, it is easy to learn, although some strategy tips are essential to win the game. Giving the content of some cards, the game is not suitable for children: for instance in “lots of beer” there’s a guy drinking two beers at once and in “flashing tits” a girl shows her tits to the entire stadium. It’s perfect, however, by the age of 14!

Considering the rapidity of the matches (20-40 min) and the high number of participants (up to 9), Ready to Rock! can be placed in the category of “filler” or as “party game”. Having a look to the amazing quality/price ratio, I’ll suggest to purchase it. Long live the Rock!

1 – If played with the right spirit, Ready to Rock! is great fun.
2 – The cost is really affordable (Online, including shipping, is also a 19 Euro).
3 – It is Easy to learn and to explain.
4 – Good quality cards and illustrations.

1 – Rock concerts are usually not suitable for families, as well as this game. Please do not use it after Christmas lunch with your grandmother.
2 – Best matches are generally those with at least 5 players.