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1) 1 – box content:

“Ready to Rock!” is the first card game that takes place in a rock concert. The main target of the players,
the rockers, is to arrive under the stage starting from the mixer. Who arrives first is the winner.

The Box contains:
• 12 Stage Cards
• 1 Vip Pass
• 9 Ticket
• 9 Pawns
• 115 Cards divided in: 38 flash cards, 70 Path cards, 7 Wall cards
• 4 langueges Rules (English, Italian, German and French)

2 – match preparation

One Ready to Rock! match starts choosing the starting rocker. Shuffle the ticket card and the VIP Pass card. Keep distributing one card to any rocker until someone receives the VIP pass Ticket. He will starts the mach.

Dispose the first Ticket card at eight cards spaces from the stage position, the next cards are placed close to it but one step after.

Every rocker draws out four cards and, following the turn, decides from which Ticket cards wants to starts  and puts his pawn on it.

The Stage Deck is placed on the stage.


The rocker who place first one path card in front of the stage wins a Ready to Rock match (the crowd on the card must be open in the stage direction). If in front of the stage there is a wall card, the rocker could play a Body Surfing to reach the stage and wins the game.

3 – movement and Wall cards

Path cards
The path cards are the cards that let the paws of the rockers advancing through the crowd. In order to advance from one card to another, the cards must be close together and there must be a way open from the first to the second. The figure 3 in the first page shows an example of three paths.
Put the cards in horizontal way one after one and make the pawns advance towards the stage. At the end of any action of any rockers all the path cards that don’t have any pawns over them are discarded (rotate them backside).
If any rocker want to pass again on that position, he has to play another path card. Play a path card count an action.
You can play a path card over another path card to modify the direction in which the pawn could go. You could do this by yourself  because you have to go around a wall card, you could do this to another rocker to send him in the wrong direction.
The crowd drawn on the cards could look forward or backward, it doesn’t matter but the card must be played horizontally.
More than one rocker could stay on the same path card, in his turn one rocker could move on every paths card close to him on which there is another rocker, and this doesn’t count like an action. You can play path cards outside the border of the concert but you can’t play cards behind the stage line (behind the barriers).

Wall cards
The effect of all Wall cards is permanent. They do not allow the rockers to pass over them. You can play a wall card everywhere in the concert but it must be close to a path card or to another wall card. On a wall card, you can’t play other cards. Rockers can’t cross a wall card directly, they must go round them or use body surfing. There are three types of wall cards:

•             Headbaging:  They will be destroy if someone discard a card.
•             Hells Angels: They will be destroy if someone discard a flash card.
•             Mosh Pit: They will be destroy if a ballad is played on the stage.

Discard one card to destroy a wall card count like an action.

Tickets Cards
The Ticket cards are the starting point of a game. Form that card any pawn can go in any direction and it also go on another ticket card using his normal movement. The ticket card are never discarded.

4 – Player’s turn and Flash cards

The Turn
At every turn one rocker draws out one card and he could do two actions, doing an action means that the rocker uses one card. Outside his turn one rocker can’t play any card or move his pawn. There is no limit to the number of the cards which someone could keep in hand.

Flash Cards
The flash cards are cards with an instant effects, after that they go in the pile of discarded. Playing a flash card always counts like an action.

The flash cards are:
•             Smashed Beer: one rocker, at your choose, discards two cards at his choose.
•             Beer:  draw two cards out.
•             Lots of Beer: draw three  cards out.
•             Ear Plugs: one rocker at your choice misses his next two actions.
•             Flashing Tits: in this turn the rocker gains two actions more, otherwise he could draw out one card. Play Flashing tits count as an action.
•             Groupies: in this turn the rocker gains three actions more, otherwise he could draw out one card. Play Groupies count as an action.
•             Ready to Rock: the rocker draws out and uses a stage card, after that he draws out a card.
•             Piss Stop: draw out two cards but lose the next action, also if the next action will be in the next turn.
•             Chemical Queue: draw out three cards but lose the next two actions, also if the actions will be in the next turn.
•             Shots on Fire: draw out two cards than discard one card
•             Pushed Away: draw out two cards, then this cards allow to push one rocker from a path card to a closer one. If in that direction thera is’nt any closer path card the rocker, who plays this card, must play a path card. Between that two cards could not be a direct passage. If at the end on the action there are no rockers on the first card, this card have to be discarded. Play Pushed Away count as an action. Play the path card for landing does not count as an action.
•             Body Surfing: this cards allow  you to pass in straight way over a wall card, the rocker must land on a path card, and if there isn’t any, he must play a path card. To play Body Surfing the first path card has to have the crowd open towards the wall card, the position of the crowd doesn’t matter on the arrival card. If there are more than one wall card close together in a row, with body surfing you can pass all over them. If a rocker can’t play a path card because it will have to be placed behind a the stage line he couldn’t play body surfing. If a rocker can’t play a path card because it will have to be placed on the stage, this rocker has won the game. If you are playing a path card for landing after a body surfing it’s  counted like an action.

5 – Stage cards

Stage Cards

The stage cards, that are identified by the musical note  sign, they are drawn out when one rocker plays a Ready to Rock card.
•       Fire Explosion:  all path cards must be rotated of 180°
•       Ballad: all Mosh Pit cards in play are discarded.
•       Circle Pit: all rockers change the cards in their hands anti-clockwise.
•       Special Guest: All rockers draw one card out.
•       Shitty Weather: every rockers chooses and discards one card from his hands
•       Wall of Death: the effects of this card are divided in two phases. The first is the division phase, the second is the approach phase. The cards involved are all the path end wall cards, the ticket cards aren’t affected by Wall of  Death. The pawns oh the rocker follow the movement of the card over which they are.  If they were on a Ticket  card they don’t move.
1.  The division phase: this phase starts immediately. All cards on the right move one position to the right, the cads on the left to the left. The movement is horizontal. The cards which are in the central column could move left or right (who play that card could decide if left or right). The ticket cards are not affected and if a card should go over one of them, it is discarded. The game continues normally.
2.  The approach phase:  when a rocker plays a new Ready to Rock card, before everything, the wall of death starts.  All the cards move one position toward the central column. The rocker/s who is/are closer to the central column are crushed and miss the next two action. If in the central column some cards overlap each other, the path card win over wall cards. If the overlapping involves cards of the same type, the one which was played last, wins. The ticket cards are not involved in this movement, if one rocker is over one of them, he just doesn’t move.

6) A complete fast match: